Superga Success Story


“Skyline is so amazing in their manufacturing.”

- Karen Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing,


Creating a Twin Exhibit – Pronto

Three weeks before the Superga brand of Italian footwear debuted at the biggest U.S. shoe show, a scheduling conflict in Europe erased all hope of using its award-winning traditional custom exhibit.

R.G. Barry Corporation, the exclusive North America licensee for Superga, immediately shifted to Plan B: Order a replica of the 20’-by-20’ display from Skyline Exhibits. Based on photographs and technical drawings provided by the Italian booth designer, Skyline created a duplicate within two weeks.

“Skyline is so amazing in their manufacturing,” says Karen Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing, Superga, at R.G. Barry.

Skyline arranged to have visual aids shipped from Italy. Superga and the Fiat automaker are both based in Turin, Italy, so the ramp is filled with 60 Superga canvas sneakers lashed to the top of 60 miniature Fiat 500s.

“Skyline brought it all together,” Jacobs says. “It was phenomenal the way they stayed on top of things.”

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