Rocky Brands


Rocky Brands has always been challenged with the need to display multiple SKU’s of apparel and footwear while keeping the exhibit floor as open and uncluttered as possible. The line of active-wear that would be launched at this show marketed toward a younger demographic, so they needed to appeal to an edgier consumer than they do normally. They also needed an organized, professional appearance to maintain their prominent reputation in their industry.

After a thorough discovery meeting, this peninsula exhibit was designed to take advantage of the perimeter in order to keep traffic flowing within. The apparel is displayed at the outer walls, and custom under-lit shelving illuminated footwear that would otherwise be lost in shadows. The design incorporated corrugated galvanized steel panels, varied rustic wood textures including tree trunk cross-sections, and graphics that all resonated with the younger buyer with whom they needed to connect.

Skyline Products
Inliten, Rectangular Truss, Engage, Tube, Mosaic, Convey,

Other Products
Printed Flooring, galvanized steel panels, varied rustic wood textures

Retail Environment, Walk-thru, Penninsula, Merchandising