Manroy Engineering

Manroy Engineering

“We wanted to get the most impact—the biggest bang for the buck…”

Graeme Clarke, communications manager for Manroy

Aiming for Performance

A corporate rebranding, a new logo, and recent acquisitions convinced Manroy PLC to upgrade from a do-it-yourself display to a custom modular exhibit.

“We wanted to get the most impact—the biggest bang for the buck,” says Graeme Clarke, communications manager for Manroy, a leading manufacturer of machine guns and mounts. He says a 42-squaremeter exhibit from Skyline performed “brilliantly.”

“Skyline managed to get a lot of equipment into our space,” Clarke says. “The design team couldn’t have been more thorough in making sure weapons fit perfectly and were mounted safely.”

Skyline kept floor space open, allowing Manroy to add a reception person and areas for different stages of the qualifying process.

Thanks to quick-connecting systems, Skyline installed and disassembled the exhibit in record time. “Skyline made the setup enormously easier,” Clarke says. “In the past, we spent two days to build the stand when we could have been doing other things. And this time, we were packed to leave in two hours instead of two days.”


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