ACH Versalux

ACH Versalux

It’s beautiful – a very clean design.”

Cindy Coulter

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Cindy Coulter got everything she wanted in a new exhibit for the architectural division of ACH Glass Operations:

Open design.
“It’s beautiful – a very clean design,“ says Coulter, marketing manager. Intriguing graphics and sophisticated architecture invite attendees to enter the exhibit on three sides. “That’s really helpful because you never know where traffic is going to come from,“ Coulter says.

The fourth side features a skyscraper-like photomural – 16 feet tall and 20 feet wide. “We wanted to be seen from a distance,“ Coulter says.

Temporary graphics.
Skyline’s fabric graphics can be replaced at a reasonable price.

Light box.
Skyline designed a backlit, cable-mounted system to display the company’s 15 shades of tinted glass and built a custom light box so attendees can simulate two layers of insulated glass. “It works great,“ Coulter says. “Every time you look, two or three architects are back there, thinking about their projects.“

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ACH Versalux


Primary Business

Manufacturing & Industrial


Exhibit Size

20’ x 20’


Products / Services

Tube System


Key Objectives